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Our Subdivision is made up of 112 homes, built over a period of 78 years, from the first 6 model homes of 1925 to the latest ones built in 2004.  Some of the roads are paved, while others remain gravel.  Some homes have city water, while others still use wells.  Some have sewer hook-ups, while others utilize septic fields.  It’s quite a diverse mix of homes and lots, and also a diverse mix of residents, which makes this a fun and unique neighborhood to live in.  It’s a wonderful location for convenience to shopping, schools and freeways to take you to destinations throughout the Detroit area, and yet it still retains the charm and feel of a country setting.  

This Welcome Package information was put together to help newcomers unfamiliar with the area get settled in.  We hope you’ll find enough information about the community to make your arrival here pleasant.  The Homeowners Association uses funds from our annual dues to provide yearly activities and services for the residents of the subdivision.  

In years past, the Homeowners Association has helped control the direction of developments within our community, both residential and commercial, and provided a format to fight any inappropriate challenges of our Deed Restrictions from developers.  Because our property does come with Deed Restrictions on it, this is considered a “regulated community,” with the Homeowners Association acting as the regulating body for those issues not covered by the city zoning ordinances.  The intent of having such a set-up is to enhance your property value and the experience of home ownership within our community.  We can also provide assistance to you in dealing with the various City Departments on issues where you need help correcting problems within the neighborhood, as in flooding, road conditions, and blight (residential and commercial).   

Today, our main focus is to provide social activities and increased communications on these events, to allow us to meet our neighbors and develop friendships within our community, as well as addressing any neighborhood concerns.  

  Voting Info


  Our Voting Precinct within Farmington Hills is Precinct 2.  Usual voting location is at the church on the east side of Farmington Rd between 13 Mile and 14 Mile.


 US / Federal Congressional District

            US Senate:       Statewide coverage for both of our US Senators

            US House Representative District:     9th


 Michigan State Government Districts 

            State Senate District:   14th

            State House District:   37th


 Oakland County District:         15th