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Oaklands Subdivision was first established in 1925 with several model homes,

some of them designed by Emily Butterfield, Michigan's first woman architect. 

Homes were built from 1925 to around 1927, but then the sub sat idle 

until the early 1950's. 

One home was built on the east side of Orchard Lake at 29615 Eastfield, as

part of the original subdivision.

There's a lot here, so be patient while it loads!





The Barn structure to the left with windows in this picture may have been
the one used to construct the Bach home at 30115 Ardmore Dr.  (picture from 1974 article in Forum, above)

Picture History

Cotswald Cottage - Bond at Ardmore in 1926 from original sales info (note ghost image of home structure in the distance to the right of the house, possibly old 1800's home still in existance on 13 Mile west of Mulane by Swim Club)

30225 Ardmore in 1926 with original owners on porch

30225 Ardmore from original sales info in 1926

30225 Ardmore in 1949

Sky shot of sub in the early 60's looking east from Greenboro to Westfield, north of Firwood
View of the elegant back yard of the Bach home at 30115 Ardmore in 1940.
29615 Eastfield in the late 1930's.  Old Bond farmhouse is in background to the right.
29615 Eastfield in the late 1930's.  Bond School is in the background to the left.
29615 Eastfield in the late 1930's.  Taken standing in Orchard Lake Rd. just north of 13 Mile.
29615 Eastfield about 1940.  Repainted.  Harmon Park in background to left (wooded area).
30205 Greenboro in 1968.

To view a 1940 aerial photo of the section from 13 Mile Rd

to 14 Mile Rd and Orchard Lake to Farmington,

with pictures of Historic designated homes, go to:


(It takes some time to download, even after it says "Done" so be patient.)

To view more pictures and info on the Historic homes in our sub,

click on the link below and go to pages 62 (Country Club), 67 (31805 Bond),

68 (29615 Green Acres), 69 (30115 Ardmore), 73 (29920 Ardmore),

74 (29915 Gladstone), 75 (29921 Ardmore), 78 (North Cemetary,

final resting place of Bond family and other early residents).


More resources for studying the area's history, including back copies of the Farmington Observer / Enterprise:


More history of our sub from 1949 to the mid 70's is interspursed with an interesting biography

of Don DeGroot's (30225 Ardmore) life and career in local radio and TV. 

Find it at the downtown Farmington library, special section.

Living on Air

by Don DeGroot

First ad for the new subdivision in the Farmington Enterprise on June 19, 1925.

Full page ad in the Farmington Enterprise from October 30, 1925, showing the Model home (29615 Green Acres).

A page from the original sales brochure (from 1980 Observer newspaper article by Louise Okrutsky). 

Note the location of the proposed extension of Northwestern Highway from 13 Mile to Pontiac Trail:

"Oaklands" development article from

Farmington Enterprise 9-25-25
Mr. & Mrs. Bond about 1926
Bond family - 4 Generations (CCW from right)

Maria Otrey, son Isaac Bond, his daughter Mildred Wilson, her son Don

Bond School dedication article from

Farmington Enterprise 1-27-27

Plaque in first floor entrance hall of Bond Office Building (former Bond school)
Bond School article from Farmington Forum 2-25-82

Reddick (Reddock) Presentation to Farmington Exchange Club

Farmington Enterprise 1-8-26
Article from March 4th, 1929 Farmington Enterprise describing land donated by
Great Lakes Land Corp for a park on the east side of Orchard Lake Rd.

Harmon Park still exists, though it is nothing more than a wooded area on the east side of
Greening between Firwood and Ravine that you might miss if you didn't know it was a park.
Ad from Farmington Enterprise, August 1925 for Emily Butterfield's business.
Obituary for John E. O'Brien, original homeowner of 29615 Green Acres from Sept. 28, 1950 Farmington Enterprise.  
Note curious notation to the left about who's visiting a home on Ardmore. 
Local papers used to print info on personal comings and goings years ago!

Green Brier Club House at 2690 Pine Lake Rd in West Bloomfield, in the 1930's. 
It looks a lot like the Cotswald Cottage on Bond because it was built by the Beals, the original owners of that home. 
Mr. Beals was the President of Great Lakes Land Corp.

Picture from about 1940 of Barbra Crane and Nancy Ericksen in front of 29920 Ardmore. 
Dr. Ericksen owned both this home and the one across the street.

Lois Ericksen and mom Mary Ericksen beside 29921 Ardmore in the 1930's.  Picture shows view from the SW.

29921 Ardmore in the 1930's.  Picture shows view from the back of the house (the SW) on the "Putting Green".

29921 Ardmore about 1938.  View of the front of the home looking north up Ardmore toward Firwood.

Map of Farmington area from 1872.  Our subdivision is the plot of land designated "I. Otray". 
Note the small black box at the SW corner of the I. Otray plot, which designates a home (the one next to the Swim Club on 13 Mile). 
The Cemetary on Farmington is called out, along with several of the homes at the corner of 13 and
Farmington, including a note of the old schoolhouse that used to exist on the NW corner.

If you have any historic pictures of the homes in our subdivision, or documents relative to the subdivision, we would welcome them. 

Please contact us at   hassshep@yahoo.com